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About Healthy Families Chiropractic

Family playing outsideHealthy Families Chiropractic was established in 2021, but it was years before that Dr. Andrea Kannas had decided the Ely community was the place she wanted to end up. She attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. When she and her husband married and went on a honeymoon, they chose to experience our beautiful town. That was when they knew: Ely was where they wanted their family to end up.

The path, however, was not a straight one. The first stop after Dr. Andrea’s graduation was New Zealand, where she lived, worked and traveled for six months. Then, she and her husband moved to New Hampshire, followed by Vermont.

Finally, it was time to make their dream come true: they moved their family to our community. Dr. Andrea is passionate about serving area families with natural care!

Success Stories

Over the years, Dr. Andrea has been privileged to play a part in the healing of numerous people. It’s her focus to keep families healthy. One such family involved a mother who went through two pregnancies and was under care through them both. When her children were born, they would get regular checkups so they functioned better.

There are also cases where an adult or child requires help for a particular health challenge. One situation involved a mother bringing in her 10-day-old baby who would scream for nine hours a day because of colic. As you can imagine, the mother was incredibly stressed! Dr. Andrea saw the baby two times a week, for a total of six visits. After, the child was able to feel calmer, and the parents were thrilled to have their baby back.

Experience the Power of Chiropractic

The chiropractic adjustment can be so impactful that after all these years, Dr. Andrea is still wowed by the results practice members can experience. If you’d like to learn more, contact Healthy Families Chiropractic now!

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