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Chiropractic Care

Doctor adjusting mans backChiropractic is all about integrating your brain and body. With our natural form of care, you tap into the energy and power your body has to self-heal and self-regulate. You don’t need anything external when it comes to chiropractic, making it one of a few healthcare disciplines where it is all about what’s inside of you and tapping into that.

Comfortable Adjustments

Dr. Andrea uses techniques including her hands and instruments to adjust you. She will talk to you about your preferences and needs before getting started. You’ll be comfortable with the process and know exactly what to expect.

Need Help Managing It All?

Life can get pretty stressful sometimes. You’re trying to juggle work, home, family, and all the commitments that come with it. Most people come to us because they have been negatively affected by stress. These concerns include pain, pregnancy-related ailments, fatigue, a lack of energy, colic, ear infections and more.

Experience the Benefits of Care

When you’re adjusted, your body has the ability to better adapt to stress. You can enjoy better sleep, digestion and much more. Contact Healthy Families Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment!

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